Outside Reality is an original band of artists formed in early 2017, when these long time friends got back together after a decade long hiatus, and started on a mission of writing new music. Each member has their own unique tastes and backgrounds in music, and collectively their interests blend rock, jazz, reggae, and country together to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Based in central Connecticut, the group is actively working towards creating socially energized art and music events throughout the state in 2018, along with other live performance opportunities. Formerly Far From Here, with long time friend Tommy Dow on lead vocals, the band played a vast variety of venues and events throughout CT including Toads Place, Madison Arts Barn, The Milford Oyster Festival, The Daffodil Festival, Wallypalooza, Corner Pocket, Stratford Airport, Cherry Street Station, Powder Mill Barn, The Webster Theater, Puppet Theater, among other local music venues.